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Complete Embroidery Solutions


Embroidery Concept & Design, LLC is a full service embroidery company with all digitizing and embroidery done in house. We have been in the business for more than twenty-seven years and have built an exceptional reputation for service and quality.

As you know, there are many companies in our industry and we feel that ours is among the best. We are distinguished by the service and quality that we sell; it is second to none. We make you look good to your customers. We have over two hundred heads for embroidery, running eighteen to twenty-four hours a day, depending on the season. We currently generate upwards of 30,000 embroideries per week, with plenty of additional capacity. Our equipment enables us to embroider on the pocket of a garment while attached. We also have the ability to run fulfillment programs for your customers.

Embroidery Digitizing

‘Embroidery Concept and Design’specializes in premium quality digitizing for the embroidery digitizing industry. With over several years of experience in digitizing, we have professional digitizers working round the clock seven days a week.

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Embroidery Logo Designing

Logo Embroidery Corporates & Schools can be precisely designed and embroidered as per specifications. Any bulk orders shall be completed and delivered on a committed time schedule.

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Embroidery Patches

‘Embroidery Concept and Design’┬ácan transform your rough sketches and layouts into professional artwork that will look good aesthetically. Outsource artwork services to save your valuable time and resources. Artwork requires special applications.

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Vector Art Services

We create hi-resolution Vector Art from low resolution photos or other images. A vector image is created with meticulous detailing. Vector images can be scaled up or down infinitely without the loss of resolution and are hence the most preferred format for commercial printing.

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