Vector Art Services

To serve the requirements of promotional products distributors, graphic services providers must have experience, quality, scale and reliability—at a minimum. You need raster images and raw input recreated or redrawn as vector artwork that works on any product of any size.

Why Vector ?

  •  Vector images can be scaled without the loss of resolution.
  •  Vector images are easy to edit and change the colors. It also makes it possible to create color separations for spot color printing or full color process printing.
  •  If you have a logo, but it is only saved as a raster image file, such as JPG, GIF or BMP, then you may have problems when you come to use it for commercial use such as printers & publishers,you’ll lose the sharpness and your logo will appear blurred and fuzzy.
  •  To solve this problem, you need to have your logo converted into a vector image. If you have a vector drawn logo, then it can be scaled up to any size without any loss in quality, so it can be used for sign makers, printers, digital embroiderers, label makers and just about anything else you can think of.
  •  Our logo conversion services will enable you to convert any logo to the vector format. If you have an old logo, graphics or artwork which is manually drawn or scanned, it can be digitizied with our logo conversion services. All we need is a scanned image or the copy of the image you provide in JPG,GIF or BMP format, which is clear enough to see the details.We provide high-quality logo conversion services at reasonable price.